Complete stock engine tin done in silver vein
Awesome Powdercoat LLC can also do YOUR used parts:

All prices are based on your cleaned parts. We assume some cleaning  
will be needed. Heavy degreasing is extra, at $20/hour. You pay
shipping both ways. We can remove some minor dents and dings, but
some dents and rust pits can not be eliminated, as normal body fillers
can not be used. Actual price may vary depending on the part’s
gear shifter $10
oil pump cover $5
glove box door $15
dip stick handle $2
gas tank brackets
distributor clamp
parking brake $10
generator strap
coil strap $5
gen/alt stand $20
big emblem $10
hood latch $5
thermostat bracket
crankshaft pulley
generator pulley
dual port end
castings (pair) $20
carb linkage $10
intake manifold
high temp -1000'F
air cleaners (pair)
intake manifold
under cylinder tin
(5 piece) $25
under cylinder tin
(3 piece) $20
wheel rim $40 each
pedal assembly  
thermostat flaps &
linkage  $35
stock air cleaner $30
close up of SILVER VEIN powdercoat, notice the slight textured
finish - great for used parts that have minor dents or rust pits!
Stock muffler in high temp gray
good to 1000 deg F - $50
36hp heater boxes - (left) high temp satin gray, (right) high temp satin
stainless steel silver) - both good to 1000'F - $40
Type 4 , late bus, 914 engine tin and aluminum fan shroud - shroud in high temp
satin gray, tin in gloss black.
To contact us, Email
oil filler cap $5
To contact us, Email
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Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
Powder coated generator,
pulley and mounting strap $40
Powder coated two tone - red
with silver raised ribs - carb
tops, gen backing plate,
breather box
FI type IV Dual intake manifolds
Powder coated brake drums
Deck lid hinges - one-of-a-kind
powder coat color - $20
Turbo intake manifold - $20
add prism clear coat - $10
36Hp stale air heater
Clutch arm and
spring - $10
Any metal part can be powder coated! The only limit is the size of the oven.
The oven is 38" deep, so sorry, no pans or front end beams. If in doubt, ask us!
We love to help you out. We are not limited to just VW parts, we do
motorcycles, go carts, house parts, you name it.
911 cooling fan
beetle gas tank
Vanagon door handles and wiper
Russian motorcycle exhaust
Triumph motorcycle rims
B&S go cart engine
Your rims