Awesome Twin Plug Ignitions!
engines. There are many benefits, including:
2 - more torque
3 - lower emissions
4 - improved reliability
5 - The whole set up just looks really cool!

We choose the Pertronix billet distributor for several reasons, it is a very nicely built piece at a
fair price, it uses an modern solid state ignition that can be modified for a second unit, and it
should be around for a long time.
My original dual distributor, a 1970's era HASSAD dual distributor with a toothed belt
drive connecting them.
My first attempt at making a dual a 2nd
set of terminals onto a 009 cap. There
just is so little room inside the 009 cap
that it was very difficult to put together &
I only had room for conventional points.
has a toothed belt drive connecting the two distributors. It looked really cool, but due to drag on the belt, was not that
successful. I decided to try making my own. I used a Bosch 009 with a Datsun Z22 dual distributor cap & rotor with adapters to
fit to my 009 distributor. It worked really well. I was going to make several of these, but then Bosch stopped making the 009 &
billet VW distributor.
Side view of Pertronix distributor,
showing the 2 separate sets of leads for
the 2 ignition moduals.
Top view showing the mounting of a
2nd Ignitor II modual. The second unit
is adjustable to fire 0 -10 crankshaft
degrees later than the primary unit,
with the goal of extending the total
advance mechanism. This unit
comes with different springs if you
want to adjust the advance curve.
We have not done any experiments
with this yet.
Here you can see the custom aluminum spacer to mount the
Datsun distributor cap to the Pertronix body. The Datsun
rotor with custom high temp phenolic mounting spacers is
also shown.
This shot shows the assembly. The firing order
stamped in the cap does NOT match the firing
order of an air cooled VW engine, so right now we
have tape color coded the terminals to help avoid
Are you interested in having a set up like
this? If so, email us & we can work out a
costs and we would be very interesting in
seeing how many other folks would like a
set up like this.
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Twin plug heads from The Bug Patch in Santee, Ca. These are brand
new EMPI heads with 40 X 35.5 valves, with a second spark plug added
from below. These have been opened up for 1776 engine. These are
very reasonably priced heads for all the work involved. The spark plugs
in the stock location are 3/4" reach 14mm, and the new spark plugs in the
bottom are 1/2" 10mm.
The complete set up. Shown is twin plug heads, custom dual ignition, 2 sets of stock Bosch
type 3 person needs for a twin plug ignition set up.
So what's next?

We built a 1776 engine for my son's bug
that will run this setup. We hope to have
dyno runs with and without the 2nd
ignition to see the effects.  Please check
back periodically for updates!
The Bug Patch
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April 16th ,2008

Hi, my name is Jim Hassad and I built just two of those ignitions for my friends who were off-road racing in the
early 70's.
I was racing 911's in amateur events and doing my own engine work at 21 years old. I had very little money, but
worked in my Dad's machine shop building jet engine tooling.
My father was very savvy about engine design and when I mentioned that Porsche used dual ignition in all their
race engines, he suggested that I drill out my street heads to accept the 2nd plug. I discovered that Porsche had
cast the heads with a boss for just that!
The problem was the $2000 cost of a factory 12 plug distributor, so I designed this unit for two 6 cylinder caps.
They are about the same size as the 009 cap. I dyno'ed the car and with 2.4 liters it put out 200 hp at the rear
wheels and 125 with just one plug running. The torque was astounding! I would beat 2.7 liter cars all the time.
My inspiration for the design came from Don Vesco's twin Yamaha TZ 700 Bonneville streamliner drive package.
He was a good friend of our family and he asked me to machine the connecting plates for the two engine
crankcases so that the toothed belt connecting the crank pulleys wouldn't need an idler pulley. The pulleys were
3" dia. and on 20" centers with a 1.5 wide metric toothed belt connecting them!!! I set the pre-load at .030" and
the Bike ran 302 mph in 1971 at 11,000 rpm!!!
So I figured that a small belt would easily drive a second rotor shaft and I made the castings and machined up the
Sadly, I found out how snooty Porsche racers are and couldn't sell any conversions. This is when my close
friends were racing off-road and having constant ignition problems with coils and wiring, so I figured out how to
weasel the tiny 10 mm plug into the VW head and made fixtures to machine the heads and new castings for the
009 distributor.
They never failed to finish a race after this. After a race they would test the systems separately and sometime
one would have failed, but they never knew it and just kept on going! I was truly shocked to see the unit on your

God Bless, Jim
Close up of the twin Ignition moduals, with
Awesome Powdercoat LLC logo stamped
into it.
Flame Thrower II coils.