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       New SCAT Products
All engine sheetmetal kits from Awesome Powdercoat are pre-fit and trimmed if needed before powder
coating. This helps insure your installation is smooth and worry free. However, engines that have had
modifications that affect the overall width are stroker cranks, longer or shorter connecting rods, heads that
have been flycut for compression, and the addition of cylinder spacers to adjust deck height. We can
custom modify all tin to fit wider engines if you tell us your engine width - JUST ASK US ABOUT IT!

Note that all colors shown are approximate due to variations in computer monitors.
These are examples of kits you can get. Each kit is custom built to fit your
needs. If you want to by your pieces individually, you can do that too!
Check out the examples below.

All kits are available with many options, see below for more examples.
part description
baja kit
deluxe baja
sedan kit
deluxe sedan kit
SCAT 36hp fan shroud
Awesome Powdercoat
hoover bit for proper air
flow at the oil cooler
1 pair SCAT dual port
cylinder tin
"Baja cut" cylinder tin
SCAT small pulley tin
EMPI generator backing
plates (3 piece)
1 pair VW Brazil OEM
valve covers, bails &
SCAT doghouse fire
wall tin
SCAT big pulley tin
(notches/no notched)
SCAT dog house
exhaust tin (2piece)
1 pair SCAT super cool
1 bag SCAT engine tin
"cheese head" screws
SCAT generator stand
(oil filler NOT included)
total kit cost
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Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
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Powdercoat LLC
OPTIONS: All kits are available with the following options for an additional charge.

The above prices are all for most colors, a few are more expensive:
add 15% - Add metallic clear coat to any color
add 15% - Add prism clear coat to any color
add 50% - glow in the dark powder coat
To contact us,  Email
$20 - Add M6X1 threaded inserts to any tin in any
location for coil mounting or what ever you may need.
Other welding shroud modifications:

Purple - make or fill thermostat flap holes
Yellow - make accel cable hole in early SCAT
shrouds or late VW FI shrouds
Blue - make or remove stock wire holders
Green - remove vent tube
Pink - make or fill coil mounts
Red - fill in "extra" holes
$50 - Add a reproduction venturi ring to any fan shroud -
see "Venturi Ring" page for more details. This is an
Awesome Powdercoat exclusive!
$20 - Add a Awesome Powdercoat Type I Hoover Bit
for a stock VW shroud. $21 - add a Awesome
Powdercoat Type I Hoover Bit for a SCAT/EMPI
shroud. See "Air Hoover Bits" page for more details.
$20 - Add a set of reproduction Air Vanes to any
cylinder tin that does not have them. This is an
Awesome Powdercoat exclusive! See "Air Vanes and
Hoover Bits" page for more details.
$25 - add AN6 or AN8 male steel fitting for breather
vents to the valve covers.
$10 - Add 1/2" steel tube for breather vents to the valve
$25 - Add holes for stock thermostat flaps on any
shroud that does have them - see "Thermostat Flaps"
page for more details.
$119 and up - add rebuild factory thermostat flaps, by
them selves or include a thermostat - see
"Thermostat Flaps" page for more details.
$25 - Add the SCAT spin on aluminum oil filler.
$35 - Add a brand new factory oil filler, with cap and
the hard to find oil filler nut.
Now you can get the ultimate VW engine tin kit! Price varies based on avaliability.

You want the best fitting parts, you deserve the best fitting parts, now get the best fitting
parts. Most folks consider factory VW the only way to go for proper fit and appearance.
German OEM parts are getting harder and harder to find. Most have been well used,
rusty, beat up and dented over the last four or more decades.

I have pulled together the best of the best parts.

As always, you pick the color you want! Anything from Stock Satin Black, to orange, to
red, blue, silver vein, whatever you want!
$10 - Notch the small pulley tin to clear an oil return
line for full flow oiling.
Upgrade from a SCAT fan shroud to a factory VW
Mexico fan shroud. This is for folks that want the best fit
and need heat. As of 2015, these are getting super
hard to get anymore.
See the gap left in the
SCAT shroud between
the fan outlet and the oil
cooler shown in the red
circle? Even with a stock
hoover bit installed, a
significant amount of air
will escape & not go
through the oil cooler.
This is not good.

Awesome Powdercoat
makes a special hoover
bit, just for the SCAT and
EMPI fan shrouds to
completely fill the gap as
shown in the picture.
Upgrade from a SCAT fan shroud to a PUMA low
profile doghouse fan shroud, set up for NO heat. This
give your the best fit for those that don't need heat. -
This option is getting very hard to find new. It will be
required to locate a good used shroud as new ones
are no longer being made.
Click here for a step
by step VW engine
tin installation guide