color matched powder coated engines tins that have been test
fitted, with many custom options to meet your specific needs.
All kits start with BRAND NEW parts unless otherwise stated. Each
kit is custom made to fit your needs. Most kits use the SCAT 36hp
fan shroud shape, with the doghouse wide fan and offset oil cooler.
All kits are set up for dual port cylinder heads. Many options are
avaliable, including used German tin, early non-doghouse fan
shrouds, center mount fan shrouds, single port cylinder tins and
your used parts are also options.

YOU pick if you want the fan shroud set up for heat or no heat!

YOU pick the color you want! You can even mix and match colors
on different parts!

YOU pick if you want a full kit for street cars or a partial kit for
baja’s, buggies, or sandrails! Get all the parts and just the parts
you want, no hassles!

Turn around time depends on work backlog. We are located in
Vanlue, OH. About 45 minutes South of Toledo and 45 minutes
North of Columbus.
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All YELLOW parts are brand new SCAT.
This engine is set up for heat.
All GLOSS BLACK parts are used. Used
parts powder coated on this engine

- generator stand and oil filler
- oil filler cap
- intake manifold
- dual port end castings
- distributor hold down clamp
- stock crank pulley
- crank washer and nut
- generator pulley
- oil level dip stick

See "Your Used Parts" page for prices
for powder coating your used parts.
Engine Kit in "Anodize Blue"
Engine kit in Maroon
Red Wagon engine kit
See the other pages for more examples of colors, options and examples of non-VW items.
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sale are not Genuine VOLKSWAGEN Parts unless so specified.

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Uni-Cream engine tin kit
Transparent Grape
Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
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Engine Tin
I am also a supplier of SCAT and EMPI parts. all years of bugs, buses,
ghia, type III, along with Porsche 356, 914 and 912.

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