Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
We also do custom engine tin modifications. Many modifications
are available, Adding a venturi ring, adding cylinder tin air vanes,
adding industrial shields along with a hoover bit are just the
beginning. A custom built kit can be put together with all the
features you need. Contact us for a price quote.
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to remove the bottom
flanges and side Baja
cut cylinder tins
flanges. This makes
the engine easier to
keep clean since dirt
and sand have fewer
places to set and
build up.
Clearance cylinder
tins for wider intake
manifolds are a prime
Eliminate the threaded
insert for the carb
pre-heat pipe
insulators on stock vw
cylinder tins, for
people running dual
carbs or FI.
Modify SCAT cylinder
tins for proper fit to
run the heater box
sleds and 2 / 4 lower
rear air deflectors.
This involves adding
3/8" of metal to the
bottom edge to lower
moving the mounting
flanges down.
There are several modifications needed when running a stroker engine.
This makes the engine wider than normal. We measure from valve cover
flange to valve cover flange. A stock engine is 25-3/4" wide. Wider engines
require the following changes:
- adding metal to the edges of the cylinder tins
- narrowing the cylinder tins where the fan shroud mounts.
- widening the heater box sleds and 2 / 4 lower rear air deflectors
- widen the small pulley tin
- widen the big pulley tin mounts
- widen the firewall tin mounts.
Convert to the wider type IV oil cooler. The also
includes a wider hoover bit to match. The
doghouse oil cooler housing and upper and lower
doghouse oil cooler exhaust tins are modifed for
the wider type IV oil cooler.
The PUMA fan shroud can also be modified for
the firewall tin that needs to be modified as