Customers Projects and other parts - We do
much more than just VW parts!
Motorcycle transmission cover & coil cover
Customer's completed engine with silver
Motorcycle rims in gloss
black, natural spokes
Customer's restored 65 bug
with white powdercoated rims
victorian door hinges
customer's rims
customer's engine white powdercoat
Type IV engine, satin gray
and gloss black
Bus transaxle & related parts
VW trike front wheel & dual carb
intake manifolds
vintage bicycle parts
Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
Copyright 2007-2015 Awesome Powdercoat LLC
custom kids wagon, black
powdercoated bumpers with prism
clear coat along with silver
powdercoated suspension parts.
Drink machine cup
holder in Anodize
To contact us, Email
To contact us, email
Drum Bung Wrench
Tool Box
Go-Kart Exhaust
Go-Kart Engine Parts
Triumph Motor Cycle Rims -
Black Prism
Triumph Motor Frame - Chrome
Motor Cycle Parts
Motor Cycle Parts
Motor Cycle Rims - Maroon