Here is a collection of the current colors. More are being added all the time. Don't see the
color you have in mind? Contact us and we will see what we can do. Remember that
computer monitors vary and the exact shade may not match what you see here.
High Temperature Silver -
good to 1000'F
Anodize Blue
Satin Black - just like the OEM VW
factory finish
High Gloss White
Silver Hammertone -
textured finish
Gloss Black
High Temperature Gray -
good to 1000'F
Silver Vein - textured finish
SCAT Porsche Silver - exact
match to SCAT's fan shrouds &
cylinder tin
Uni-cream - ( light tan / beige)
Silver Sparkle - a light metal
flake finish
Ocean Blue
Bright Yellow
Fire Engine Red
Satin Brown
Gloss Black with clear PRISM top coat -
PRISM effect can be top coated over
any color, although dark colors show
Dark Purple
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Psycho Lime Green
over a Silver base coat
Glow in the dark - Yes if really glows
greenish/yellowish in the dark - charge it up all
day in sunlight & it will glow for hours after
dark! There is an extra charge for this color.
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Don't see a color you like? We have access to many more. Drop us an email and we can discuss what you
would like! You can also click on either of the links below for color charts. You can request a specific color and
we would actually order it. RAL colors are standard industry colors we can get from multiple suppliers while the
Eastwood colors are specific to them. Custom maltched colors are also an option for significantly more cost.
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SCAT red - "Red Baron" exact match to
RAL3002 red - matches Mercedes red
Vermillion Orange
Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
Transparent grape over silver
Gloss Silver
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Chevy Orange
Semi-Gloss Black - not satin, not
gloss, 30% in between
Semi-gloss metallic silver
Almost Chrome
Rally Wheel Silver
Iron Glimmer - grayish/brownish
metallic finish with a slight texture
High Temperature
Stainless Steel - good
to 1000'F
Blasted Aluminum - a heavy textured finish
Transparent Anodized Red
over a Silver base coat
RAL 3016 Reddish Orange
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RAL 8004 Coral Brown
Copper Metallic
Satin Gold
Black Wrinkle - textured finish
Red Wrinkle
Step by step VW
engine tin
installation guide
Eastwood Powder Coat Color Chart
RAL Color Chart
High temp satin
black - good to
RAL 3003 Ruby Red
Azure Blue
Emerald Green RAL 6001
Torquoise RAL 5018
Matte Dark
Army Green
Bentley Blue over
Chrome Base
Jungle Gray - dark gloss
gray, RAL 7016
Custom colors and options - gloss black
with green metal flakes! plus venturi ring,
type IV oil cooler, custom width for stroker
RAL 2003 Pastel Orange
Traffic Blue RAL 5017
RAL 7021 Black Gray
School Bus Yellow
RAL 7030 Stone Gray
RAL 7005 Mouse Gray
VW L75 Beige -
custom color matched to factory paint color
Cobalt Blue RAL 5013
RAL 1018 Zinc Yellow
Chrysler Orange
RAL 2004 Pure Orange
RAL 3001 Signal Red
RAL 6028 Pine Green
RAL 5021 Water Blue
RAL 5012 Light Blue
RAL 7031 Gray Blue
RAL 7024 Graphite Gray
RAL 7046 Telegrey 2
RAL 7038 Agate Gray - this is a color match to the
Porsche 356 / 912 fan shroud
RAL 3002 sand yellow
Blood Red Hammertone
RAL 6002 Leaf Green
TIger Eye Hammertone
RAL 4006 Traffic Purple
RAL 1003 signal yellow
RAL 5015 sky blue
RAL 8028 brown