Clark's 1968 Beetle
Fast forward again to ~2005, another move, this time to Ohio. Type IV into type I
engine conversion, 2.0 liter type IV engine installed in my 1968 bug. Handmade engine
tin, powdercoated purple and red, just to be different.
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Flash back to circa 1984, suburbs of
Chicago, IL. First day I brought home the
1968 bug. Bone stock, 2 owner car,
originally from Denver. The guy used it to
haul firewood on the backseat. Lucky
me, it even came with a 2nd engine.
Putting in new floors the poor
man's way, pop rivets, galvanized
panels and fiberglass. Looks ugly
but held for 15 years!
Before and
after shots
of the 1st
paint job.

Silver is the
best color
for a bug.
1st engine rebuild. It was a major went
the worn out 1500cc single port, in
went the 1600cc dual port,,,feel the
power of 55hp!
Foreshadowing of things to
come,,, head buried in an engine
Sewfine Interior, circa 1987. It is a
little faded now after 21 years, but I
still got it.
Fast forward to a move to New Mexico.
Chrome Jackman 8 spokes are a major
improvement over black painted rims. Also
paint job #2,,, still silver!
Aluminum rims with low profile front
tires. Love those 165/45R15 tires
from the Smart car. Really makes
the look.
Ready to try out CB's new
programmable fuel injection on
the Type IV engine.
Powdercoated various engine parts, note
that the raised ribs are done in silver.
I added an Awesome Powdercoat
LLC venturi ring for improved
CB laptop programmable
computer on custom made &
powdercoated mount. This
goes under the back seat on
the driver's side.
I had to relocate the fuel
injectors to the manifold to get
it to fit in the engine
compartment, but still had to
do some cutting into the wheel
well for the Type IV engine.
upgrade to SCAT Procar seats! Every
20 years I put new seats in the car.
Here I am. going back to dual 40mm Webers, but with
green powdercoat