Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
Improve your cooling with a
Awesome Powdercoat Venturi Ring!

Venturi rings are also available separately,
so you can install them on your existing fan

Rings sold individually come in satin black
powder coat with 1/8" holes in the clips so
they can be welded or pop riveted into
place. Installation instructions are included.

Prices are:
5 for the ring alone, or added to any
shroud you buy from us.

All prices are + shipping  
You've spent a bunch of
time and money on your
engine, you deserve the
best possible cooling.
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you need a velocity ring (also called a volute ring,
or just a cooling ring). This is an American made
model of the factory fuel injected fan shrouds.
Cooling is improved by increasing the air velocity
through the fan. The rings are all stainless steel
construction, with spot welded mounting tabs and
a satin black power coated finish. They can be
installed on any factory or aftermarket doghouse
fan shroud by welding, brazing or rivets.

A version for the early fan shroud is also available.

* Made in Ohio, USA
* All Stainless Steel Construction
* Works on all Doghouse Style VW Engine Tin
* Improved Engine Cooling

7.3% more airflow across the entire rpm range, at
4000 rpm, that is 800 extra cfm!
To contact us, Email volkaholic@yahoo.com
Venturi rings are also available for
early fan shrouds!

Of course, "your actual results may vary."

1 - Customers have seen an average oil temperature reduction of 33F, with a max reported of 60F.

2 - Customers have seen an average cylinder head temperature reduction of 68F, with a max of 100F.

Quotes from customers:
"The motor definately runs cooler."

"I can touch dip stick after a hard run when I could not before."

"The engine has a more stable idle due to cooler running."

"It has made a huge difference in temperature reduction.  I have to race the vehicle, (in the 5000 rpm range sustained) to generate high
temps at all."

"The car runs at 180 to 190 max now."

"Its a great product, all my VW's will have a ring."