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Awesome Powdercoat LLC proudly introduces our version of the VW factory
Industrial Shields. If you are running the thermostat system, but don't need heater
boxes and have installed J-pipes for the #1 and #3 exhaust, then you need industrial
shields to prevent radiant heat from the #1 J pipe from causing the thermostat to
open prematurely or cold air from below the car from preventing the thermostat
from opening at all.

These are proudly made in Ohio, USA from laser cut 20 gauge steel. Each part is
bent, test fit, then blasted and powder coated. Satin black is the standard color, but
they can be done in any color we carry.

Price is $29 + shipping
Industrial Shield installed on 1-2 cylinder side.
Industrial Shield installed on 3-4 cylinder side.
Are you running an aftermarket "tucked up"
exhaust? We can custom modify the heater
box sleds and custom build industrial
shields just for you. You send us the #1 and
#3 J pipes so we can test fit everything.
Industrial Shields don't have to be satin
black! They can be matched to your
other parts. This set was done in red
powder coat.
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