Frequently Asked Questions!
Q: How well do the kits fit?

A: The kits fit well. See the photos below.  Each part  is checked before powder
coating and is trimmed to fit. This way you can be confident that your kit will fit
with a minimal of fuss. Also, Metal thickness is either the same as original parts or
0.005" thinner on some parts. Key parts like the fan shroud and cylinder covers
are stock thickness. Many of the SCAT parts are CAD plated inside and out, this
helps prevent future rust.
Q: Can I mix and match colors?

A: YES! This is not a problem. You can mix and match colors are you desire.
There is a $5 color change charge.

Q: Can powder coat be color matched to paint?

A: Powder coat to paint - It is not easy or cheap to match powder coat to paint. While is it
possible to get an exact color match to your sample, it is expensive, at least $250. This
would be virtually impossible to do via the mail. However, certain standard colors like
"Ford engine blue" or "Chevy engine orange" are available. Email us with your colors and
we will see what we can do.  It is possible to get powder coat made to an exact shade of
color, but this requires a paint sample, a couple of weeks and it is expensive.

A: Paint to powder coat - This is much cheaper and easier route for you to take. It is easy
to have a paint shop custom blend paint to match your powder coat sample. We can even
include a 4" disc powder coated for you so you have a handy part to use as a sample.
Q: I want a color not on your current list. Can I get it?

A: YES! Many colors are available, we just don't stock them all. There is a wide range of
colors you can choose from. RAL is in international standard you can look up and find a
shade you like.
Q: Can I get my used parts powder coated?

maybe over 30 years old. Deep rust pits and dents will show up in the finish. We can not
use plastic body fillers due to the curing oven. We do have high temperature metallic
body fillers that can be used.

For very dirty parts, there may be an additional cleaning charge. All parts are
sandblasted, but extremely rusted parts may have an additional charge.

We can do welding repairs on cracked tin for an additional charge.  
Q: Do you do other parts besides the engine kit?

A: The oven is 21" X 38" X 14". We can do big items like rims and fan shrouds. We can
not do big things like pans and front end beams.
Q: How do I clean my powder coated surfaces?

A: Normal car wash soap is fine. Do NOT use gasoline, mineral spirits carb cleaner or
other harsh solvents because they can ruin the gloss.
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Q: What is powder coat?

A: Powder coat is a tough finish that lasts much longer than conventional paint. If you have
ever painted an engine, than you know how screw drivers and wrenches can ruin your finish
quickly. Also, cheap "off-shore" chrome tin starts to rust in a few months. Powdercoat is
applied as a free-flowing dry plastic. The main difference between it an paint is that no
solvent is used. This greatly reduces the negative environmental impact. There is no liquid
waste produced. There is also very little solid waste produced. The coating is applied
electrostatically and cured in a oven.
Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
Q: What are all the different parts called and where do they go?

A: See the picture below or click on the link below and take a look at these
installation videos, showing all the parts on a stock type 1 air cooled engine.
Click here for a step by step VW engine tin