Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
Not only can Awesome Powdercoat take care of all your
powdercoating needs, your vintage VW thermostat needs, and
the many new, made in the USA parts we offer, along with the
ability to supply you with parts from both SCAT and EMPI, we
also build complete engines.

Whether you need individual parts, custom work, a short block,
a long block, or a complete turn key engine, we can supply it all.
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Contact Awesome Powdercoat about what kind of engine
you are looking for. Stock 1500 single port?Stock 1600
dual port? peepy 1776?  sporty 1915? how about a flame
thrower 2275?

Are you thinking about mostly used parts? or going 100%
new? or something inbetween?
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Some of the engine services we can supply
Piston top polishing and
balancing of piston/wrist pin

Piston tops are polished to a near mirror
finish, this prevents carbon buildup on the
face and helps reflect heat away from the

We can polish new pistons from SCAT or
EMPI or you can send us your pistons.

Piston polishing $35

The tolerance on stock piston weight in a
matched set is 5 grams. We will balance
your pistons and wrist pin combos to 0.1
gram. This is 50 times better than stock!
This makes a huge difference in engine
"smoothness" and allows for the potentional
of running at higher rpm.  We also supply a
before and after sheet so you can see just
what you have.

We can balance new pistons from SCAT or
EMPI or you can send us your pistons.

piston / wrist pin balance $40

SAVE MONEY AND DO BOTH, it just makes

polish pistons and balance pistion/ wrist pin
combo = $70
the left, you see it has 2 groves, but only
1 oil hole. This means oil only moves
forward to the rocker arms when the lifter
is up, when the valve is open. This is
about 20% of the time the engine is

I modify the lifters to widen the groove
over the entire range of motion like the
lifter on the right. 100% oiling mean 5
times more oil to the valves, 5 times the
oil to the head, means five times the
ability to remove heat from the heads.

Then i balance each lifter to within 0.1

$50 to do this modification.   
This is an old racer's trick, add an oil hole to the bottom of the con rod to spray oil on the back side of the opposite piston, they say this
knocks 100'F off the piston temps. I drill a hole through the bearing and the conrod bottom, then taper it. Then i make a matching tapered
brass plug that is pressed in. The taper means that the higher the oil pressure, the harder the seal, impossible to blow out. I then drill a
very small hole in the brass, like 0.5mm or smaller. $200 for this modification.
Balance conrods to within 0.1 grams.
combine this with all the other balancing
$50 for this modification.