Powder Coating
Engine Cooling
Get all new SCAT engine tin kits. All kits are based on the
SCAT 36hp doghouse style fan shroud and dual port cylinder

This page is for custom made parts. Please allow time to put
your kit together. We typically have the raw parts in stock, but
other folks may be in line in front of you.

Starting at the top, select if you want a standard baja kit or a
standard sedan kit, then the color choice, then if you want heat
or no heater ducts. You can then add any additional options
you would like.

More products are being added all the time.

We also have ready made parts in
inventory for certain common parts on the various pages.
New SCAT baja or sedan kits in your color choice
Standard BAJA kit, Heat or NO HEAT,
in your color choice
consisting of all new parts.

SCAT 36hp doghouse fan shroud
hoover bit for SCAT shroud
SCAT dual port cylinder tin pair,
baja cut to remove lower flanges
alt/gen backing plates set
accel cable tube
Standard SEDAN kit
parts in addition to the baja kit above
small pulley crank tin
big pulley, (rear breast plate tin)
doghouse firewall tin
doghouse oil cooler exhaust (2 parts)
Option - add a venturi ring to
your kit $50
Select Heat or
No Heater Ducts
heat or no heater ducts
option SELECT alt/gen stand
and oil filler options
Pair of stock valve covers,
SELECT standard, 1/2"
tube vents, or AN8 vents
12 Engine tin cheese
head screws
Pair of Super Cool Tins
Color Choice
option add cylinder tin air
vanes $20
option - add
threaded inserts
to shroud for coil
mount $20
option - modify shroud and doghouse
oil cooler exhaust for wider type IV oil
cooler $60
Supply wider type iv oil cooler, adapter
block, and longer mounting bolts $95
option - modify
cylinder tins tin for
wider stroker engine,
based on actual
engine width, we will
contact you by email
about it
valve cover vent options
alt/gen stand / oil filler
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Awesome Powdercoat LLC
Color Choice
Options just for sedan kits are shown below.
Clearance small
pulley tin for full flow
oil return line
add 3/4" gromments
valve cover beather
modifications to
pulley tin, firewall tin
for wider stroker
engines. We will
email you about the
width needed